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Project Arrangement

Our firm constantly keeps an eye on the programmes and visual trends of national and international exhibitions; thus, it ensures us the opportunity and potential to offer our partners the those programmes, presentations and exhibitions which fits our partners profile the most. During the past few decades the exhibition-related business has undergone many changes –from the view of both programme and appearance as well. Yet, something has remained untouched, the aims of the participating firms. These are the following:


  • Introduction of new product/ service
  • relationship management with customers
  • Image innovation
  • New marketing opportunities, business management
  • Finding new, cooperative partners
  • Competitive analysis


After deciding about the exhibition, the only thing our partners no longer need to spend time on the project, they can relax and attend to other business duties; since the TipExpo team will surely relieve them for the burden of arrangement and preparation due to its decades-long experience. A whole exhibition “from A to Z“ in terms of specific tasks:


  • Registration for the event
  • catalogue entries
  • Reserving locations for miscellaneous programmes (conference, press club conference, reception)
  • Getting authorization for the installation of current and water and implementation of the procedure
  • Arrangement of design and implementation of exhibition booth-related works
  • Delivery of promotional products, catalogues and advertising gifts
  • Adequacy concerning our partners’ specific expectations
  • Outlining local conditions, traditions; training (in case of non-European exhibitions)
  • Hostess services

Design Management

At our firm, we truly believe that an exhibition for a company is about more than appearance merely, it is an introduction. Our client only needs to make a decision about the participation and about the objectives. Setting objectives and making decisions about the aims of the exhibition contribute to a unique image, since our primary intention is to provide a booth with a visual profile that perfectly reflects the aspirations of the client. During the phase of design planning, we absolutely adjust ourselves to our partners’ needs and expectations; at the same time, we desire to deliver the very modern and spectacular visual apparatus, which is the most suitable for the given exhibition’s image, with conveying our experience simultaneously. For this reason, the 3D visual sample plans – used by our designer team – are of great support which ensures that the pavilion becomes vivified – even at the preparatory phases of the design process.


Throughout the phase of implementation, we desire to carry out the objectives absolutely conformable to the notions of the implementation plans. Our services are available with basic and custom installation material for simple and for more complex needs and necessities. We can even transform the moderate booth into an attractive one with the help of installation units. We can intensify the effects with frequently used visual technology, audio-visual devices (like smart television, intelligent mirror etc.) and with ornaments or flower decoration as well. With the help of our exhibition scene-decorators, the products and services to be shown appear in the most attractive environments.


During the entire exhibition, we are capable of provide multilingual service by our hosts (man or woman) speaking numerous foreign languages, in order to ensure that business negotiations happen under undisturbed circumstances on account of successful new partnerships. This service includes daily cleaning, preparation and serving up coffee, soft drinks as well as continuous technical monitoring and supervision.