Tipexpo | About Us
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About Us

TipExpo Ltd. was established 30 years ago with the aim of providing quality and widely prevalent service for firms, attending exhibitions. TipExpo offers a wide range of services; such as, arrangement of exhibitions, design planning, construction and operation management for exhibition booths. At our firm, we truly believe that an exhibition for a company is about more than appearance merely, it is an introduction. For this reason, the process requires absolute preparedness on the contractor’s part; namely, on TipExpo’s part. Thus, only in this manner can we contribute to our partner’s success. Our commitment to the profession is proven not only by our achievements through these years, but also by the appreciation we receive from our partners.   In the course of our work, we intend/aspire to provide our customers with extensive service; that is a service “ranging from A to Z”. What does this exactly mean for us? The complexity – arising from this task – makes us to consider the first step the most important, namely to get to know the partner’s profile, in order to ensure the most suitable visual appearance. After the preparation and adoption of scenery plans, there is still a lot to work on and we do not consider that these tasks should trouble the customer. Such tasks may be technical approvals, catalogue registries, project management, logistics and operation of exhibition booths.   In the past decade, our firm has extended its services; besides exhibition booth planning and construction, we also design and implementation of customized apparatus, open-air pavilions, shop outlets along with unique construction of office building interiors. We pride ourselves on having a designer and implementer team with a national and international experience and references, which has been acquired through decades of professional work.